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Women S Short Hair Styles

Women S Short Hair Styles Biography
A short haircut can add spice and spunk to your look, your attitude and your life. With today's trendy short hair options, you can vary your look with a dollop of gel, a flat iron or a head full of curls.
Short haircuts for women take a bit of nerve and confidence to pull off. Your facial features will be up front and noticeable whether your hair is up and out of the way or whether it's styled forward to frame your face.
Before You Cut
Spend some time talking with your stylist about what type of short hairstyle will work best for you. Before going short and sassy, you need to consider:
The shape of your face
The type and texture of your hair
Your lifestyle
The Shape of Your Face
Your face shape is important when you are deciding to go short. Remember that all of your features will be more noticeable when they aren't lost in a lot of hair. To get an idea of your face shape, pull all of your hair straight back into a ponytail that falls smoothly against your head.
Look into the mirror and notice the shape of your face. If you can't get a clear idea of the shape, use a lipstick to outline your face on the mirror and stand back. Most stylists consider an oval shape to be ideal and best able to handle nearly any style. If your face is longer, rounder, squarer or more diamond or heart-shaped, the style you choose can help you make your face appear more oval. By learning where to add more height or remove volume, you can create a perfectly balanced look.
A short bob is a great cut for a sleek, professional look in the office. All of the hair is pulled straight down and then curled under on the bottom for a smooth, rounded, finished edge. The bob cut frames your face and works particularly well when you have a long face. A bob also looks great on an oval-shaped face.
If your face is round, try soft, graduated layers to slim your face and remove the volume from the sides. With a round face, avoid keeping your short hair just one length, which only adds to the roundness. Layers break up the look and prevent it from becoming overwhelming.
A heart-shaped face looks fabulous with side swept bangs that come just to the brow and length that hits just at the jaw line or slightly below. Be careful not to cut the bangs too short and keep the layers long.
Type and Texture of Your Hair
You must also take the texture of your hair into consideration when choosing a style. Fine, thin hair needs a of layers to give it movement and the illusion of fullness, while coarse, thicker hair can be pulled under into a classic bob and can carry a look from cute straight through to elegant and refined for an evening out.
Many people advise bringing a picture of your favorite haircut along to the stylist so he or she can give you the look you want. However, many stylists cringe when they hear this advice because far too often clients fail to consider the texture of their hair compared to the texture of the hair of the model in the picture. Not every cut works for every type of hair, so choose pictures that have models with the same type of hair that you have if you want a similar look.
Don't forget to consider your lifestyle when you are choosing a new haircut. What is your daily routine like? How much time do you want to spend on your hair every morning? Even short styles can take a bit of time to design, so take that under advisement when picking out your new look.
Most styles are fairly easy to take care of once you learn the techniques for tools like blow dryers, flat irons or curling irons. Using products like gels, mousse and pomades can help even the finest hair build volume and body. You can also use styling products to create a wild, piecey style simply by working the product in with your fingers and separating pieces with just a tug. You can create short sexy hair in just minutes that can go from the office to a night on the town with nary a touchup

Women S Short Hair Styles
Women S Short Hair Styles
Women S Short Hair Styles
Women S Short Hair Styles
Women S Short Hair Styles
Women S Short Hair Styles
Women S Short Hair Styles
Women S Short Hair Styles
Women S Short Hair Styles
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